Cycling Toward a Cure

Cycling Toward a Cure

April 7, 2022

Emily Portney, Chief Financial Officer, BNY Mellon

Maurice Campbell, Head of Public Finance and Lending,  BNY Mellon


David Linn, Co-Founder, Cycle for Survival

Dr. Emily Slotkin, M.D., Pediatric Sarcoma Service, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Cancer tragically affects millions of people and families each year and remains a leading cause of death globally. But how did one family turn a cancer diagnosis into a powerful force for good?


Our Chief Financial Officer Emily Portney sits down with Cycle for Survival Co-Founder David Linn, Memorial Sloan Kettering's Dr. Emily Slotkin, and our Head of Public Finance and Lending, Maurice Campbell, to discuss the future of cancer research and medical innovation moving us closer to a cure.


Cycle for Survival was founded in 2007, with a mission to raise awareness and accelerate the progress of rare-cancer research at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

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Garrett Marquis, Moderator

Global Head of External Communications, BNY Mellon

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