Technology and Innovation

BNY Mellon has made an unwavering commitment to systemic resiliency and continued digitization. Our open and objective stance on technology and innovation means that we work to develop solutions that can help reduce friction and increase transparency throughout the investment lifecycle.

Technology and Innovation

Engineering Open and Objective Solutions for Our Clients

BNY Mellon collaborates with the world’s leading companies—from fintech to big tech—to deliver more capabilities for our clients, empowering them to make objective choices that unlock their potential. For example, through our strategic alliances, BNY Mellon helps deliver flexibility and choice to clients throughout their investment lifecycle by integrating with the world's leading front-end service providers.

Featured Initiatives

Accelerating the Way Forward in Digital Assets

As the institutional adoption of digital assets continues to grow, BNY Mellon stands ready to help clients as they look to operate in the financial markets of the future.

Investing in Innovation & Collaborating with Pioneers

We seek to work with cutting-edge technology companies to create world-class innovative solutions for our bank, our clients and our communities.

Risk-Intelligent; Resiliency-Equipped

Digitization opens up a world of possibility for financial services institutions, but it can also lead to vulnerability. BNY Mellon’s cybersecurity program is designed to stay ahead of, and effectively respond to, cybersecurity threats and their diverse, multi-faceted attacks—protecting the security, integrity and uninterrupted delivery of information so that we can support our company’s and our clients’ objectives. It coordinates closely with BNY Mellon’s Enterprise Resiliency Office, which aligns, centralizes and integrates disciplines and capabilities to deliver timely and effective incident identification, impact assessment, escalation, communication and resolution; provide clients with superior service; and deliver resilient world-class products and services.

Harness Your Data. Evolve Your Business.

We help our clients become future ready with superior technology and tools for utilizing and extracting value from data. 

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Client-Centric, Technology and Content Solutions

BNY Mellon Data and Analytics Solutions is a cloud-based software and content offering that helps firms to transform their data into higher alpha and cheaper beta, with lower cost and less risk. Offering an ecosystem of proprietary and third-party business applications, Data and Analytics Solutions can help firms analyze data from different vantage points, so they can manage their core investment processes and beyond.

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